2012: a record year for clean energy – ecogeneration

Renewable energy supplied a record 13.14 per cent of Australia’s electricity in 2012, according to new figures released by the Clean Energy Council in its 2012 Clean Energy Australia Report.


Clean Energy Council (CEC) Chief Executive David Green said “The clean energy industry contributed $4.2 billion in investment and approximately 24,300 jobs to the Australian economy in 2012″.

“Earlier this year the millionth solar power system was installed, while last year was a record one for Australia’s wind power businesses, with the country’s 62 wind farms powering the equivalent of more than one million homes for the first time. These milestones clearly show the progress towards cleaner sources of power.”

Highlights from the Clean Energy Australia Report 2012 include:

  • 13.14 per cent of Australia’s electricity was generated by renewable sources of energy in the 2012 calendar year, a record for this century
  • There was enough electricity generated by renewable sources during this period to power the equivalent of more than 4 million Australian homes
  • More than $4.2 billion was invested in renewable energy and energy smart technology in 2012, and the industry employed approximately 24,300 people
  • Approximately 10 per cent of all dwellings in Australia are fitted with a solar system
  • Approximately 90 per cent of people took some kind of action to reduce their power bills in 2012
  • Hydropower continues to contribute the largest share of the country’s renewable energy (58 per cent), but wind power (26 per cent) and solar power (8 per cent) are making inroads
  • The millionth solar house was registered in March 2013, and wind energy in 2012 powered the equivalent of more than a million homes for the first time.

CEC Chair and AGL Chief Executive Michael Fraser said that the clean energy industry was showing significant progress towards providing at least 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

“The review of the Renewable Energy Target last year reinforced the bipartisan commitment to the policy by all major parties, and in its current form it is estimated that it will generate another $18.7 billion in investment,” Mr Fraser said.

“We recognise that there are many challenges we will need to meet in the decades to come. But this is a rapidly maturing industry filled with innovative thinkers who are constantly looking for ways to overcome these challenges and do things better.”

Visit the CEC website to access a copy of the Clean Energy Australia Report 2012 report.

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