Highlights of Australia’s 1.25GW of PV installations in 2017

The Australian solar industry should take a collective bow. Well, catch its breath first, and then take a collective bow. 2017 was a magnificent, record setting year for solar installations, and many people were still up on roofs installing over the summer break. It may actually not be possible to pause to catch breath, as we’re already hearing that January 2018 is notably busier for commercial sales than in past years.

Here’s some highlights from the 2017 Year in Review, to whet your appetite:

  1. Installation Tally
  2. Incredible Growth
  3. Robust Growth across the nation
  4. Residential Rebound and Commercial Skyrocket
  5. Solar Panel Imports worth $1,200,000,000
  6. Highlight #6: Some fantastic news

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Source: SunWiz – Highlights of Australia’s 1.25GW of PV installations in 2017 – 17 January 2018

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