About Us

Who we are?
Suntrix are solar energy specialists! We offer complete design, installation and servicing for rooftop solar PV systems across Australia.  Whether it is for your home or business we will work with you to determine the most effective and efficient solar energy system to meet your needs. Our commitment to quality and outstanding service is our promise to you that a Suntrix System will be one of the best decisions you make for your family.

How are we different?
We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach to solar energy, and there is a lot you can’t pick up from a satellite image of your home over the internet.  So we don’t suggest a system size and price based solely on a phone call and satellite image of your property. Instead we work with you to create a customised solar solution.  We take into consideration the way you use electricity and your family’s unique usage patterns, not just how much electricity you use. We take an in-depth look at your property and our engineers will design a layout that ensures a synergy between your electrical requirements and the output of your new solar energy system.


No Surprises
At Suntrix, we aim for a ‘no surprises’ installation.  Which means we inspect your site before you sign up and we let you know if there are any extra costs relating to electrical work or installation.  This means when we arrive to install your system, you know exactly what to expect.

Our own installers
We take solar pretty seriously so we use our own Clean Energy Council accredited installers to fit and connect your system and conduct regular service and maintenance. It is this serious approach to solar that has also lead us to design and create our own solar energy monitoring system, myWatt, that provides you with detailed reports on your system to ensure it’s always working as hard as possible for you.

Most awarded
We are one of Australia’s most awarded solar energy companies.  Being recognized for excellence in renewable energy and business is a real achievement that the entire team like to celebrate.


Clean Energy Council Accredited
Suntrix is a member and accredited installer of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and Jenny Paradiso, Managing Director, is a member of the CEC national PV Leadership Committee. Suntrix is also a founding signatory of the CEC PV Retailer Code of Conduct, launched in September 2013.  The Code of Conduct is designed to enhance the level of protection available to consumers who purchase solar photovoltaic (PV) systems by committing retailers to maintain a high standard of performance and conduct.

Our History

When looking at solar for their home in 2008, Directors Jenny Paradiso and David Hille were troubled by the limited expertise and high prices of many of the solar companies operating at the time.  They decided to source the panels themselves, developed an innovative solar-tracking solution and started installing roof-top solar for family and friends.

“We were always very energy conscious and with a baby on the way, we knew we were going to be using our heating and cooling more.  So solar was a good option to help reduce our impact on the environment without giving up our creature comforts in the home”

Working from the kitchen table, Suntrix was established in 2009, with most of the initial business generated by referrals from happy customers. Jenny and David quickly realised they weren’t alone in the search for a reliable, trustworthy and experienced solar company that provided good value solutions.  From these humble beginnings, the business has now grown to a national company, still family-owned, and with many awards to recognise the company’s achievements.

Suntrix has a large showroom and Head Office in Adelaide, South Australia which includes a 30kW system on the roof – grid-connect and battery storage.  The businesses employs over 20 staff across the country working on residential and commercial solar systems, large scale industrial projects and solar/energy monitoring.

Suntrix are widely known as industry leaders in solar innovation and design, yet we still start each day simply wanting to provide our customers the best products and service possible.


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