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Who are Suntrix

Suntrix are specialists in Residential solar, Commercial solar and Local Government solar; offering complete design, installation and servicing for solar PV + battery systems across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Whether it is for your home, business or city council we will work with you to determine the most effective and efficient solar solution to meet your needs.

Not just another solar company

We don’t just put solar panels on roofs. We offer a diverse range of specialised solar PV products and services, plus complementary solutions to provide a holistic approach to energy management.  Our commitment to quality and outstanding service is our promise to you that a Suntrix System will be one of the best decisions you make.

Our purpose

A worthwhile business should have a purpose for its existence. We’re not talking dollars and profits but rather focusing on the moral, ethical and environmental reasons for devoting one’s life to the trade. Our purpose is to make a positive difference to people’s lives through a better and cleaner energy future.

Our values

These are the core principles that guide the way Suntrix does business; the standards that underpin how we conduct ourselves internally and with our customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders.

These values sum up what Suntrix stands for and what makes us special.

Suntrix values and purpose statement

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Suntrix Directors - Jenny Paradiso and David Hille

Our Story

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Suntrix Team

The Team

Suntrix employ a range of highly skilled and experienced staff in all areas of our business. We have more than 30 employees across the country that share a passion for solar energy. Read More

Solar Sketch


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