Special offer for Bernie Lewis customers

Suntrix has teamed up with Bernie Lewis Home Loans, to offer you a great deal on solar!

Both businesses are proudly South Australian and really understand the challenges a typical household faces with managing ever increasing living costs. It can be a real struggle and whilst we can’t do much  about the price of avocado’s we can help you cut your bills and reap the rewards!

For example, we installed a solar system for a young family with a 3-bedroom home in Seaton. Their first quarterly bill arrived and instead of $700 it was just $86!* Not only will Peter and Tammy be saving over $2000 per year on their electricity bills, they could take years off their home loan if they used the savings to increase their repayments. Win win!!!

Please note that is just an example. There are many variables that will influence the savings you make, including the size of your system, location of panels, household energy consumption and feed-in tariff.

Even if you have solar installed, it may be worth giving us a call, especially if you have noticed your bills creeping up again. Your system may just need a clean and maintenance to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible or it might be time to invest in an upgrade.

A great deal awaits you. Call us on 1300 884 898 or complete the following form and one of our friendly solar consultants will contact you.

If you are able to, please attach a copy of a recent electricity bill as this will help us identify the best solar solution for you.

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