An education in solar

St Peters Kiosk display

Suntrix recently completed a 120kW solar installation at St Peter’s College in Adelaide, spanning 4 buildings and comprising a total of 389 solar panels. The solar system is expected to generate an average output of 481kWh per day and with the help of a personalized kiosk display, the students of the college are able to see just how well the installation is performing.

The kiosk is powered by our in-house developed solar monitoring device, myWatt and it equips St Peter’s College with real-time solar performance. The kiosk displays a series of easy-to-read metrics and graphs, so the students can see at a glance how much solar is being generated – by hour, day and month. It is a great educational tool for the students to actually be able to see in real-time how solar is powering their school and reducing their carbon footprint.

If you think this might be something your school or business would be interested in, please contact us for further information.

St Peters Kiosk Display





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