Customer update – Suntrix remains strong and viable!

To our loyal customers

It’s certainly concerning news for the South Australian solar industry that another local company has been placed into administration.

Hearing of any local business facing difficulties is never good news and the solar industry has certainly been in the headlines lately, far more often than we’d like to see.

However, let us assure you that SunTrix remains in a strong and viable position.

We’re 100% South Australian owned and operated and have experienced consistently strong growth during the past four years.  We have a sound business strategy moving forward into the future and we have absolutely no intention of closing our doors.  In fact, we are still growing and expanding into new markets, and developing new products for the Australian and international market.

With initially very attractive Government incentives, it was not surprising the solar industry exploded and attracted business operators from all walks of life. Fast forward a few years and it’s become extremely difficult for consumers to sort the proverbial ‘wheat from the chaff’.  Here’s some general advice for any friends or relatives who may be looking at getting solar…..

Who do you trust and which company should you choose?

There are a number of checkpoints consumers should be looking for and questions they should be asking of ANY solar provider, including ourselves.

Buyers should insist on a physical site inspection. There are many variables which need to be considered when considering the installation of solar panels and these cannot be accurately assessed by simply looking at a satellite view of your house or a few photos. Why wouldn’t any solar company be prepared to physically visit your site? Ask them – and if they say no, move on to a company who is willing to take the time!

Warranties also need to be carefully examined. Warranties can be unintentionally – and sometimes intentionally – misleading and solar panel warranties often only cover the ‘performance’ of the panels, rather than the panels themselves. There’s no point having a 25 year ‘performance’ warranty if the panel falls apart in two years.

Check the company’s background. What solar related experience do the staff and management have? Do they have in-house CEC-accredited designers and installers who can check your designs? Do they have an Adelaide office? Do they have an in-house electrical team who can resolve any problems post installation, or do they rely solely on subcontractors?

Beware of payment plans, higher feed-in tariff deals and interest free options. Consumers need to genuinely understand the long term implications of these options, which we believe tend to cost more in the long run. Refinancing or taking a personal loan could make more financial sense.

At SunTrix, our commitment to you is to ensure you receive the best possible advice and service so you receive an affordable energy solution, tailored to meet both your needs and your budget.

Yes, we’re a business. But for us, it’s not just about dollars and profits.

We genuinely believe in the moral, ethical and environmental benefits of doing the right thing with solar energy. That has been our mantra since the day we started this business, and it always will be.

So thank you for your support so far, and if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team.

SunTrix is – and remains – an ethically strong, financially sound and environmentally committed South Australian business.

Yours sincerely


Jenny Paradiso and David Hille

SunTrix Directors

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