East poised for high-energy industry

The west might be enjoying a defense boom but traders of technology in the east should take advantage of the energy boom.

That is the belief of Jenny Paradiso, whose company Suntrix in Newton has been a success story of the east over the past decade, offering solar panels. LED lighting and battery storage options.

She said the future of energy was about solar panels and batteries, with political and commercial momentum building.

Germany company Sonnen, the world’s largest home battery company, is expected to build a factory in Adelaide this year and move its headquarters here from Sydney.

The State Government is also rolling our a $100 million household battery fund with means tested grants to help homes buy batteries.

Ms Paradiso said the future was about residents and businesses taking their energy problems into their own hands. “I think that’s going to a new coming industry,” Ms Paradiso said of home-based batteries. The other that’s going to get bigger, is the technology around your energy use. In your home or your office building, how you manage and control that energy with technology. We’re seeing all of that happening nationally as well.”

Managing Director of Sonnen Australia Chris Parratt said the company was set to announce the locations of its new factory very soon. “Our core market is Australia, it’s the centre of the universe really, ” Mr Parratt said. “It’s a wealthy country with high energy prices. Our intention is to still put one in Adelaide, the short list of locations has been cut back to six. The State Government has been at the forefront of energy policy..the new government can be a part of a new wave of technology which is energy storage.”

Ms Paradiso said any new business looking to tap in should do their research and find a gap in the market.

Source: Republished from a story published in The Advertiser by Ben Cameron

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