A long-term energy policy that embraces renewables.

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A message from Kane Thornton – Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council

We are now just two months out from a Federal Election in which energy policy will be a major battleground. We’ve been here before of course, but things are different this time. High electricity prices, low-cost renewables and the growing impacts of climate change have shifted the debate and present us with the best opportunity yet to end the decade-long energy policy paralysis and secure a long-term strategy that provides clean, reliable and low-cost power.

To achieve this aim, the CEC has released a suite of of policy recommendations that will encourage private investment in an electricity sector fit for the 21st century. We are calling on all federal political parties to adopt these recommendations and have launched a campaign to encourage Australians to contact their local federal politician to let them know that strong clean energy policy is a priority at the upcoming Federal Election. I encourage all our members to write to your local MP or share our social media tiles to emphasise the importance of a long-term energy policy that embraces renewables.

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