Solar in the dark, jobs on the line

SOUTH Australian solar panel maker Tindo Solar says changing the existing Renewable Energy Target scheme will “kneecap” its future while other operators are warning of job losses and reduced future investment.

Recommendations from a recent review include barring new entrants from the largescale scheme and terminating or winding back the smallscale scheme.

In a potential hit to commercial solar installations, there is also a suggestion to cut the eligibility threshold from no more than 100 kilowatts to no more than 10kW.

Solar installer Suntrix’s cofounder Jenny Paradiso said the solar industry could stand on its own, but said that an incentive was a good way to get everyone to do the right thing for the environment and future.

“The changes to commercial solar make it harder for businesses to survive because systems will get more expensive to install.”

She said an average 5 kilowatt installation would cost more than $11,500 without the $3,700 offset by the RET scheme.

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