Solar + Schools = An Educated Decision

Press Release:  You don’t have to have a degree in science to understand why more and more schools are turning to solar. The 2018 Clean Energy Australia Report commented on the trend, noting that educational organisations are recognizing the considerable savings that can be made by making better use of their rooftop spaces.

A quick look at the numbers and it adds up. Many of the schools that solar company Suntrix are partnering with can accommodate large systems, such as the 100kW solar installation for St Albans Secondary College in Victoria. This equates to 322 panels that will generate 380.7 kWh/day, saving the school nearly $20K per year.

Commercial solar projects have increased dramatically over the last 12 months for Suntrix, with Childcare & Education being one of its biggest growth areas. The business is currently working on a dozen school projects across Victoria and SA, totaling nearly 500kW of renewable energy.

For Managing Director and mother of two, Jenny Paradiso, solar and schools is a winning formula. Not only does solar significantly decrease electricity bills and operating costs, it reduces the school’s carbon footprint and can be an inspiring addition to the curriculum.

“I have always championed Suntrix as a solar educator, not just a provider. When a school invests in solar, they are presented with an excellent opportunity to extend their students’ knowledge of sustainable technologies.” To support this education, Suntrix promote the importance of tracking the impact too, and include a free solar monitoring device and app with all installations. By logging in to a simple web portal, staff and students can see how their solar is performing. “We also offer Renewable Energy Student Educations sessions for schools that choose to partner with us, as a way of equipping the next generation.”

And what of the schools where roof space is limited? Where there is a solar will, Suntrix will find a way! The innovative company has just completed a 60kW installation for Adelaide Botanic High School that includes a physics defying solar façade!

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