Suntrix float a new idea

Innovation, technology and nature come together to create an exciting new development for renewable energy.

Solar islands are the latest technological breakthrough helping businesses harness energy from the sun. Floating islands made of solar panels are ideal for business and industry that are near or use expanses of water, such as fisheries, farming and viticulture, and water treatment plants.

Panels are installed on the water and become floating solar islands that work to generate solar energy but have the added benefits of;
• Utilising previously unusable surface space
• The water keeps the panels cool, resulting in greater electricity production
• The panels shield the water from the sun decreasing evaporation and growth of algae
• Environmentally safe and will not affect water quality

If you would like to know more about how your business can benefit from Solar Islands – Floating PV Arrays visit our Floating PV Arrays page or contact us directly.

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