Suntrix Hottest 10 Projects

Hottest 10 solar projects

Since Suntrix launched in 2009, we have had the pleasure of partnering with thousands of clients across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales; helping all types of businesses reduce their carbon emissions and cut their energy costs.

Our bespoke approach means no project is the same as another, making them all unique in some way. However, there are some installations that will always stand out to us because they symbolize what makes Suntrix different from other solar companies and represent a special stage in our journey.

1. Our first award: Salisbury North Football Club

In 2013, Suntrix won its first accolade for a commercial project – a NECA-SA Excellence Award for an 86kW installation at Salisbury North Football Club. One of the judges commented, “The size of the solar installation and the challenge of locating this on a roof that had numerous levels and orientations was high and Suntrix have proven that they know what they are doing in this area”. 

NECA award for solar installation at Salisbury North Football ClubSuntrix is now one of the most awarded companies in the solar industry; and the only one to have both its Managing Director and business awarded prestigious Telstra awards: 2013 Telstra South Australian Business of the Year and 2016 Telstra Australian Business Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year award.

2. Not just rooftops: Cootamundra Oilseeds

Demonstrating that Suntrix’s expertise extends beyond rooftops, our 565kW project for Cootamundra Oil Seeds in NSW included a 97kW solar carport and a 468kW ground mount. In total over 1900 panels were used across both structures, reducing Cootamundra Oilseed’s emissions by 900 tonnes per annum and helping them towards their mission to “to make food and feed in a 100% pure, natural and more sustainable way.”

Ground-mounted solar solution for Cootamundra Oilseeds

3. Energy monitoring: SA Mushrooms

In 2016, Suntrix released their low-cost solar monitoring tool to the Australian marketplace. Company founders, Jenny Paradiso and David Hille found that despite investing in solar installations, business operators and homeowners had no proof of the results. With this in mind, they created myWatt and SA Mushrooms was one of the first commercial companies to make use of the product. With myWatt Energy, SA Mushrooms can easily see when they are using more power than they are generating from their solar system. Key personnel can then make smart decisions about their energy consumption and reduce their electricity bills further. Find out more.

4. Community projects: Housing Trust SA

Suntrix didn’t need to be asked twice if we wanted to tender for a Renewal SA project to install 268kW worth of solar for 144 Housing Trust properties in Adelaide.

“When we first started Suntrix, our mission was to make solar achievable for more Australians, so winning the tender was a big deal for us. To be able to help low income households reduce their energy bills with solar is a reminder of why we entered the industry involved.” (Jenny Paradiso, MD)

5. Partnering with local government: Glen Eira City Council

Suntrix has been working with Glen Eira City Council since 2015 on a range of community buildings to reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs. To date we have installed 275kW across multiple sites, including an innovative building integrated solar solution at Booran Reserve that won our engineer a Clean Energy Council Design and Installation award.

Solar installation at Booran Reserve

In their 2016-7 annual report, the Council published that their solar program had decreased their greenhouse gas emissions by 8.8%, the equivalent of eliminating the annual electricity usage of almost 200 average homes.

Glen Eira isn’t the only local government council that Suntrix has partnered with. We installed over 800kW solar for Wyndham City Council, including some solar & battery solutions; and over 350kW for the City of Marion.

6. An education in solar: St Peter’s College

St Peters Kiosk display

A single classroom consumes an average of 3800 kWh of electricity per year – that is about half the consumption of an average Australian household. It is little wonder then that with rising energy costs, we are seeing more and more educational institutions choosing to install solar.

Whilst the primary driver to get solar is to reduce energy bills, it presents schools with an excellent teaching opportunity; one that St Peter’s College in Adelaide is taking full advantage of with the help of our kiosk display.

St Peter’s are using their 120kW system as an educational resource, giving students a first-hand glimpse of renewable energy at work. The kiosk, powered by Suntrix’s own solar monitoring device, myWatt, equips the school with real-time solar performance. It displays a series of easy-to-read metrics and graphs, so the students can see at a glance how much solar is being generated – by hour, day and month.

“The kiosk display puts renewables in front of our next generation of policy makers. By teaching our children how solar energy benefits the environment, we hope to build a more sustainable future. That is what I love about our myWatt kiosk display” (David Hille, Technical Director)

7. Making a splash: East Lismore’s Sewage Treatment Plant

In 2018, Suntrix installed a 100kW floating solar system at East Lismore’s Sewage Treatment Plan. At the time it was Australia’s largest solar island, consisting of 280 panels and 1200 floatation devices.

Suntrix’s Chief Project Officer spearheaded the venture, from concept to realisation; earning him a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Design and Installation Award and Suntrix a NECA-SA Excellence Award.

“The project is evidence of Suntrix’s influence on design, product development, technology and innovation. It typifies what Suntrix enjoys most – partnering with its clients to deliver high yield, bespoke solar solutions.” (Geoff Fussell, Chief Project Officer)

8. Solar penguins: Melbourne Zoo

We didn’t take to the water with this one, but it certainly required some creative thinking. Our 75kW installation at Melbourne City Zoo consisted of 253 panels; 132 of which were installed on a purpose-built structure spanning the Penguin enclosure’s chilled water filtration system.

This, and various other initiatives, has resulted in Melbourne Zoo being one of the first zoos in the world to be certified carbon neutral; and awesome achievement that demonstrates their commitment to protecting wildlife and the environment.

Solar installation at Melbourne City Zoo


9. Scaling new heights: Botanic High School

What do you do when you build a school in the city and you have limited roof space to install solar? You build a physics-defying solar façade on the side of the building of course! The new school in Adelaide is the first vertical school in South Australia and is designed to a five-star Green Star rating in accordance with the Green Building Council.

Suntrix solar facade installation at CBD Botanic High School10. Biggest client: CSIRO

By the end of this year, Suntrix will have installed 2MW of solar for CSIRO, across 3 states – Adelaide, Victoria and New South Wales. Not only does this make CSIRO our biggest client to date, our 1.2MW installation in Clayton is also our largest single project.

As our Victorian Sales Manager, David Watkins, explains – “We keep building our capability and expertise, continuously improving our processes, and that enables us to win bigger projects. We are also continuing to take on more complex and large-scale projects, like our installation for CSIRO; a successful project that helped us secure three more of their sites. We know we are doing a good job when a client comes back for more!”

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