Birkalla Soccer Club


Why Solar? 

Birkalla SC were looking to reduce their electricity and take advantage of a local government grant available to assist local sporting clubs. Suntrix worked closely with Birkalla SC and CQ Partners to supply information to assist with the grant application.

The Birkalla Soccer Club have had drastically reduced bills and have been extremely happy with the project. They have been very happy to promote our capabilities and expertise at any chance they get.

Suntrix became a sponsor of the BSC for season 2013.

Design requirements

This design was complicated by shading. The club had a few large trees by the side of the road, a light post on the other side of the building, vents and air cons all over the roof, and a change in height between two roof sections. Suntrix were able to determine the extent of shading using nearmap images and a shade assessment using the Solar Pathfinder, and so avoided most of the shading on the array.

Project Overview

  • Project Location
    Morphett Road, Camden Park SA 5038
  • Solar System Type
    Grid Connected
  • Solar System Size
    20 kW
  • Project Installed
    March, 2013

System Overview

  • PV Modules
    CNPV 250w poly-crystalline
  • Panel Warranties
    10 years product
  • 25 years performance
  • Inverter/s
    SMA Sunny Tripower 17000TL
  • SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL
  • Inverter Warranties
    5 years
  • Install & Design
    CEC-accredited, 5 year warranty

System Performance

  • Expected Output
  • Expected Energy Yield
    510.6 kWh/year

Financial Performance

  • Payback Period
    2.7 years
  • Average Savings
    $10,023 per annum

Environmental Benefits

  • Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Reduction
    255.2 tonnes of CO2 per annum

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