Blackwood Hire


Why Solar 

Blackwood Hire recently completed the building of a new complex and were looking for a cost effective way to control their electricity costs. Suntrix were able to design a solar system along with a finance package that gave Blackwood Hire the outcome they were after.

Performance Results

Blackwood Hire has reported excellent 1st quarter output results from the installation of its system. This has resulted in them being cash-flow positive in relation to the monthly lease payments being made.

Following the initial 4 year lease period, Blackwood Hire will receive long-term financial benefits.

Design requirements 

A site inspection and shade analysis was performed and determined that overall, Blackwood Hire would be better off with the bit of shading (2-3%) on the upper roof and have the increased efficiency from having fewer cables, a simpler design and higher voltage from having more panels in a string.

Project Overview

  • Project Location
    Blackwood, SA
  • Solar System Type
    Grid Connected
  • Solar System Size
    10 kW
  • Project Installed

System Overview

  • PV Modules
    CNPV 205w polycrystalline
  • Panel Warranties
    25 years performance
  • 10 years product
  • Inverter/s
    SMA STP 10000TL
  • Inverter Warranties
    5 years
  • Install & Design
    CEC-accredited, 5 year warranty

System Performance

  • Expected Output
    22.0 kWh/day
  • Expected Energy Yield
    16,074 kWh/year

Financial Performance

  • Payback Period
    4 years
  • Average Savings
    $464 per month

Environmental Benefits

  • Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Reduction
    0.815 tonnes of CO2 per annum