Blossom Park Kindergarten

Blossom Park Kindergarten Suntrix Solar Installation

Project Overview

  • Project Location
    Mill Park, VIC
  • Solar System Type
  • Solar System Size
  • Project Installed
    April, 2018

System Overview

  • PV Modules
    30 x JA Solar 275W Poly
  • Panel Warranties
    10 years product
    25 years performance
  • Inverter/s
    Enphase S270 Micro-inverters
  • Inverter Warranty
    10 years manufacturing
  • Install & Design
    CEC-accredited, 5 year warranty

System Performance

  • Expected Output
    33.6 kWh per day
  • Expected Energy Yield
    12,281 kWh per year

Financial Performance

  • Payback Period
    3.53 years
  • Average Savings
    $3,430 per year

Environmental Benefits

  • Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Reduction
    16 tonnes per annum

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