Suntrix named South Australia’s top business for 2013

Adelaide-based solar panel installer Suntrix has been named South Australia’s top business in this year’s Telstra Business Awards. The awards, now in their 21st year, highlight the strength of Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses but also recognise inspiring stories of growth. Suntrix managing director Jenny Paradiso said the award was a tremendous honour and an… Read more

Solar PV Plauge Charts

A lot of people have got carried away with the idea that solar PV will proliferate like a rabbit plague eating away the entire profits of incumbent electricity industry. They’ve probably got carried away, but you can understand the excitement when you look at the maps at the link attached prepared by ACIL-Allen Consulting for… Read more

6 reasons why smaller solar is not better

Matthew Wright investigates into claims made by the Alternative Technology Association, where they suggest that going for smaller solar systems is a better option for investors. Wright claims that this does not help them achieve their core mission of “…for easy access to green technologies as well as continual improvement of the technology, information and… Read more

Solar Panels

Solar efficient no-grid home, built by…?

This is the sixth part in a series of ‘Tips for Direct Action’. Click here for arts one, two, three, four and five.  Could you imagine a house with just one small $500 heater that uses less than half the annual electricity of a fridge? A house that’s so efficient that with a small battery… Read more

Coalition takes axe to climate programs

Public servants are drawing up plans to collapse 33 climate change schemes run by seven departments and eight agencies into just three bodies run by two departments under a substantial rewrite of the administration of carbon abatement schemes under the Coalition. READ MORE HERE.

What happened to long-term vision?

Where is either party’s plan for long-term energy security? A federal election is the perfect opportunity to frame a vision for the country’s future. And yet this Saturday we are faced with major parties simply trying to survive the day with the biggest number of ballots. As a business owner, I want more from our… Read more

SunTrix Win NECA Excellence Award 2013

The South Australian NECA Excellence Awards were announced at the association’s annual Industry Dinner, which was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Friday the 23 August 2013. A fantastic night for all 400 guests involved, the evening provided many reasons for contractors to celebrate not the least of which was the presentation of Excellence… Read more

Start a business AND keep your day job

Tammy Newport and fiancé Stuart Devenish just launched online men’s underwear store, Reer Endz. By day, Newport is a full-time retail buyer and Devenish a full-time gardener. “We were looking for more flexibility in life,” says, Newport, 32. Newport says the couple currently work 40-45 hours a week for their full-time jobs and 18-20 hours… Read more

Research: urban sprawl could power our cities

Research in Auckland, New Zealand has found that urban sprawl might be a better option than building compact cities, if solar panels are fitted on every house and electric car travel becomes the norm. READ MORE HERE.  

California flicks the switch to storage

California, whose green ambitions helped the solar and wind industries take root, is taking an essential next step by proposing a sharp rise in energy storage to better integrate renewable power with the rest of the grid. READ MORE HERE.

Solar’s bite into energy demand

The solar PV boom has left an indelible mark on power demand during the day, with our charts of the week highlighting how rapidly demand has fallen between 7am and 5pm. READ MORE HERE. 

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