Commercial Solar Adelaide

We have installed nearly 5MW of solar for businesses in and around Adelaide, significantly reducing our city’s carbon emissions and saving companies thousands of dollars on their electricity bills.

We have installed solar for all  types of businesses including farms, local government buildings and retail stores. Here are just a few examples of our local installations, but there are plenty more of our South Australian projects for you explore. Request a quote to find out how much you could be saving by going solar.

Rooftop solar installation at Markou Broiler Farm

Markou Broiler Farm

System Size: 573kW
Expected Output: 2448 kWh/day
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Roof-top solar installation at Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer Farmhouse

System Size: 30kW
Expected Output: 122 kWh/day
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Solar installation for Sidewood Estate

Sidewood Estate

System Size: 100kW
Expected Output: 421 kWh/day
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Roof-top solar installation for Petstock - Elizabeth North


System Size: 254kW
Expected Output: 1022 kWh/day
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Solar installation at Hallett Cove Civic Centre

Cove Civic Centre

System Size: 95kW
Expected Output: 368 kWh/day
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Roof-top solar installation for St Peters College

St Peter's College

System Size: 120kW
Expected Output: 481 kWh/day
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