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Adelaide-based solar panel installer, Suntrix has congratulated the winners of the Telstra Business Awards announced this week, with MD, Jenny Paradiso saying the award was “a tremendous honour for all companies named as finalists”.

Now in their 21st year, the awards highlight the strength of Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses but also recognise inspiring stories of growth. Named the SA state winner in July, Suntrix advanced to the national finals.

“Every finalist is worthy of recognition. Good companies like Victorian motorcycle manufacturer braaap and NSW consulting firm Fifth Quadrant have great stories about overcoming industry challenges and developing a culture of growth. Anyone starting a business now would be well-advised to look to any of these finalists to fuel their own success,” Jenny says.

“So we congratulate the winners – they are examples of the success to be found within our country, even during difficult economic times.”

Suntrix, which last year turned over more than $10 million and now employs more than 20 people, will continue to focus on innovation to build smart solutions for smart clients.

“Innovation is really important to us – we have designed a number of products in-house – so that gives us a competitive advantage, as we also get to see the products in our wholesale division,” Jenny says.

The market has matured quickly, she says – total installations rose from 375,000 panels to more than 10.9 million panels in the three years to 2010, according to the most recent data available from the Clean Energy Regulator – but consolidation within the industry is favouring companies like Suntrix which focus “on straight answers and good service”.

“We really want to thank Telstra for this opportunity. We highly recommend the process to every entrepreneur – the health check was a fresh look at something we had worked on for years, and taking the time to review Suntrix stopped us working in the business to work on the business,” Jenny says.

Suntrix has also been named a state finalist for this year’s peak industry awards held by the National Electrical and Communications Association. The awards highlight industry excellence and professionalism, values that underpin Suntrix’s business model. The state awards announcement is imminent.

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