We understand that solar can be a significant outlay for any home or business. We will help you understand the costs associated with your system and which government incentives and grants can be applied to reduce your upfront costs.  We have developed options with finance companies so that in most cases the repayments on your solar system will be less than what you usually pay for your electricity bill.

We like to think this means anyone can afford a solar system.

Your solar consultant will discuss your budget and options to ensure the system we install is the right system for you, not just the cheapest option available.

To make obtaining solar for your business easier we offer financing through a range of finance partners. This will allow you to move your business into the solar market with the long-term view on reducing your operating costs and your carbon footprint. For the first time, this is achievable without capital expenditure.

Our finance options allow you to swap your electricity bills with the lease repayments for your solar system.

The solar power your system produces offsets your yearly energy expenses, meaning your annual operating costs will remain the same over the period of the lease.  At the end of the lease period, you will own your solar system and the power it produces is virtually free – saving you thousands of dollars each year.


Solar financing - How it works