Floating Solar a winner for water industry

A new alternative energy technology developed for the water industry comes with robust claims, writes Richard Collins in the February edition of Waste Management & Environment Magazine.  Source article can be found here

Suntrix Chief Business Officer, Geoff Fussell spoke to Richard about the additional benefits to be gained from this new technology.

“We’re pitching it as about the same cost as a ground mount, subject to the specifics of the site. The good part of the solar island is it is aimed at putting the solution where the energy load is, in this case where you have pumping or a wastewater treatment plant,” Fussell said.

Then there are the ancillary benefits, including reduced evaporation and eutrophication by shading the water and improved power generation by cooling the solar panels. Technology originator Ciel el Terre claims a 10% improvement in generation compared to comparable rooftop or ground-mount systems.




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