From kitchen table start up to multimillion-dollar success

From librarian to managing a multimillion-dollar solar business: it may not be your typical career path, but Suntrix Managing Director Jenny Paradiso isn’t afraid to follow her passion into uncharted territory.

It’s a passion that has not only directed her career, but helped boost a fledgling industry in the state.

So why does a librarian start a solar company?

“A lot of people ask me that!” laughs Jenny.

“This wasn’t a career I considered, or studied for, it arrived from a passion and turned into business. Public libraries have a strong community focus, and I’m still in that role, providing something that’s good for the community and that has a greater purpose.”

“I’ve always said that I want to change the world for the better. Suntrix is a good place to start.” Read more…

Source: Lana Guineay, Brand South Australia News

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