SA Government Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes

The Government of South Australia has introduced requirements that affect new solar and/or battery storage owners who install a system after the 28th September 2020. A summary of the new standards and requirements are as follows:

Smarter Homes RequirementTell me moreHow will this affect Suntrix customers?

Solar systems must allow remote disconnection and reconnection to help manage risks to the electricity system during times of emergency.

Disconnecting a solar system would be used as a last resort to re-balance the energy system. In extreme circumstances, some people’s solar may need to be interrupted.

Some inverters are already able to remotely disconnect/reconnect - it’s built into their existing hardware.

Other inverters do not have the functionality inbuilt and in these instances a separate component can be installed with your inverter, to meet the requirement.

This requirement doesn’t apply to Tesla batteries.

If you are purchasing an SMA inverter or Solis inverter from Suntrix, there will be no additional cost for this requirement. SMA and Solis already offer the functionality as part of their existing hardware.

We are still waiting for more information regarding our other inverter products and will update this list regularly.

At this stage, inverters other than SMA will require the purchase and installation of an extra component, to be connected to your inverter. There will be an additional cost for this component of approximately $400.

The solar owner will need to nominate an Authorised Agent, who has the ability to carry out the remote disconnection if instructed to do so.

Some Agents will charge a fee for their service and other Agents will provide this service free of charge.

You will need to choose an Agent that has an agreement with the inverter manufacturer (eg. SMA) that you have selected.

A list of relevant agents is available on the Smarter Homes website.

This requirement doesn’t apply to Tesla batteries.

Suntrix can help you identify the Agents that work with your selected inverter.

SAPN is a registered Agent and will be providing their service free of charge.

SAPN can be used as an Agent for SMA, Solis, Fronius and Solar Edge.

We are still waiting for more information regarding our other inverter products and will update this list regularly.

All new smaller energy generators being installed via an inverter, such as solar systems and energy storage systems, must be capable of remote communications.Your solar system must be connected to the internet, to allow the remote disconnection by the Agent if needed.You will need wifi internet access at your home or business before Suntrix can install your solar PV system. If you don’t have wifi access already, Suntrix can provide some advice on other options that will meet the requirements – eg. 4G modem or an ethernet connection to the inverter.
All inverters being installed must comply with new undervoltage ride-through performance standards designed to minimise the risk that they disconnect immediately following a technical fault on the system, causing grid voltage to reduce below normal operating standards.

You cannot install an inverter unless it is listed on the SA Government’s list of approved inverters for undervoltage ride-through.

This requirement also applies to Tesla batteries.

All inverters sold by Suntrix already comply with the undervoltage ride-through requirement and are listed on the SA Government’s approved list.

The Tesla Powerwall is also on the approved list.

There are no additional costs associated with this requirement.

All new smart meters are required to be able to separately measure and control generation and any controlled load (for instance, hot water systems), from the general electricity supply.

In most cases, when your solar PV system is installed, a new smart meter is then installed by your electricity retailer.

This requirement only relates to single phase meters, not 3 phase meters.

The meter is supplied by your electricity retailer and hence not influenced or managed by Suntrix. However we will always available to help you with this step and can liaise with the electricity retailer if needed.

These requirements generally do not affect existing solar and storage owners, unless you are replacing an inverter that is out of warranty. More information about the standards and requirements are available here