How to make the most of solar this winter

Winter is almost upon us, shorter days and cooler temperatures have us all consuming more electricity in our homes and businesses.  So it’s vital that your solar system is working as well as possible for you during this time to maximise your savings.

We recently assisted The Advertiser with an article explaining how home owners with solar, and those considering solar, can make the most of the power provided by the sun even in the cooler months.

Our top tips are:

1. Use your energy during the day – invest in timers, or use the delay function available on many appliances these days to run them when your solar system is generating it’s highest output.

2. Ensure your system is working – we recommend that your system is checked and panels professionally cleaned at least every 12 months.

3. Switch to LED lighting – Traditional incandescent and halogen lights can be a large portion of your power bill, LED are a great low consumption alternative.

The entire article, containing more tips and ideas on how to get the most from your solar during winter can be found here


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