New AC Panels

AC Panels – Think all panels are the same? Think Again.

SunTrix is proud to introduce their new AC panel to the Australian market.

Each AC panel stands alone and is connected to its own micro inverter.  This can give you significant advantages over the traditional panels and inverters seen on most homes today.

“The Enecsys Micro Inverter coupled with our 250w mono crystalline panel is the next logical step for the Industry” said David Hille, director of SunTrix.

Because each solar panel works with its own inverter, there is ultimate flexibility on how and where you locate your panels, bypassing common string restrictions experienced when using a single inverter for an entire system.

A major advantage is that you can monitor the performance of your system anywhere in the world using the Enecsys Gateway from your computer or smartphone, giving you peace of mind.

Another advantage of using AC panels is if you are planning to upgrade your system in the future.  By using AC panels, you can expand your system at a later date without having to invest in a larger centralised inverter up-front, without needing to locate matching panels, and without having to re-string your existing panels during the upgrade.

The Micro inverter attracts a 20 year warranty, well above the standard 5 year market warranty for centralised inverters.  SunTrix also offers a 12 year product warranty on the panels and a 25 year performance warranty.

This is today’s future moving forward.  For a free home consultation by one of our highly trained solar consultants, contact SunTrix to discuss the best possible solution to meet your energy needs.

Proudly South Australian owned and operated, SunTrix provides quality solar energy solutions for your home and business.

Think Solar… Think SunTrix!

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