Purchasing Manager - Ashley Spartley

Welcome Ashley Spartley

New year, new faces! We are delighted to announce that Ashley Spartley has joined the team at our head-office in Adelaide as our new Purchasing Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience in purchasing, inventory and supply chain management. Ashley is married with two sons aged 4 and 6….so he doesn’t get much free… Read more

Bushfire crisis donation

Supporting those effected by the bushfires

We have been deeply saddened by the devastating impact the recent bushfires have had to communities across NSW, Victoria and  South Australia. In response, for the remainder of the month Suntrix will be donating $100 from every solar system sold to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund, providing short and long-term support to… Read more

Solar and natural disasters including bushfires

Natural Disasters & Emergencies

The following guidelines have been published by the Clean Energy Council for households/businesses with solar systems located in areas under threat from bush-fires, floods and cyclones. Fire, flood and cyclone emergency situations If you have solar panels on your roof and are faced with an emergency fire, flood or cyclone situation, there are only two… Read more

Suntrix Merry Christmas 2019

Christmas Closure Dates 2019

Wishing you a happy and safe Christmas! It has been another busy year for Suntrix and we would like to thank you for your business and support. Our office will be closed from 18 December and will re-open on 6 January. If you need to contact us urgently during this time, please call us on… Read more

I Choose SA for Renewables - Jenny Paradiso

Time to toast SA’s Fast Movers, gear up for 2020

With applications launching on February 10 for Fast Movers 2020, the Advertiser took a look at how far previously recognised businesses have come; and Suntrix got a mention. This is what they had to say: Finding a Place in the Sun It’s 10 years since a kitchen table start-up, led by Jenny Paradiso, pictured, started its… Read more

Yasser Hussein - Commercial Solar Consultant

Welcome to Yasser

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Yasser G. Hussein to Suntrix. He joined us on Monday, expanding our Commercial Solar Consultant team in South Australia. Yasser graduated with a Bachelor of chemical engineering from Salford University, UK in 1990 and has an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, USA. He started his career with Babcock… Read more

Solar panel cleaning

It is time for the annual spring clean!

Wonderful, lovely, playful Spring! The time of year we associate with warmer and longer days, cherry-tree blossom, maybe a cheeky rosé, and a tradition rooted in religious and cultural traditions, the BIG ANNUAL CLEAN. A quick google and you’ll find many a checklist to help you with your spring-clean but not one of them mentions… Read more

What does a solar inverter do?

The heart of your solar energy system is the inverter. Inverters convert the variable direct current (DC) output of a solar panel into alternating  current (AC), which can be used to power your home or business and feed into the electricity grid.

What is the difference between a string-inverter and a micro-inverter?

Most systems use string-inverters but in certain situations mirco-inverters can be a better choice. Micro-inverters convert power from a single solar module, so one micro-inverter is required per panel. Whilst this makes them a more expensive option, they can be a better choice if shading is a problem on site. This is because a string inverter system… Read more

Janet Atkinson - Executive Assistant

Welcome Janet Atkinson

We are delighted to welcome Janet Atkinson to Suntrix as Executive Assistant to our Managing Director, Jenny Paradiso. Janet brings lots of experience in administration and business support roles; and is looking forward to learning more about the solar industry. Janet was born in Millicent, but now lives in Adelaide. She supports the Crows, is a… Read more

Poly-crystalline Solar Panel

What are Poly-crystalline solar panels?

Poly-crystalline solar panels are a close cousin to mono-crystalline differing only in the way they are manufactured, in a cast rather than individual crystal ingots. These panels are blue in colour and share all the same technical aspects as mono-crystalline modules such as heat tolerance and shading. Poly-crystalline solar panels have a slightly lower efficiency… Read more

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