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Did solar and wind wilt in the heat?

Renewable energy critics have been keen to use events over last week’s heatwave in Victoria and South Australia to imply that the Renewable Energy Target will place power supplies at risk. Tristan Edis looks at the headlines from the past few weeks and explains the differences between solar and wind energy and fossil fuel generated… Read more

Heatwave sends power prices soaring

Without the hundreds of thousands of home-owners who have installed solar over the last few years, the electricity supply during this heatwave would have been even worse than it was. Victoria and South Australia are buckling under soaring electricity demand as the states enter their third day of 40-plus degree temperatures, with a fourth predicted for… Read more

Making power while the sun shines!

As Australia swealters through an unprecedented heat wave, solar PV is playing a critical role to make sure that the lights (and air-conditioners) stay on. In an analysis of the amount of electricity produced by solar photovoltatic installations yesterday, the Australian Solar Council has found that at its peak, solar was producing (as a percentage… Read more

The biggest and the smallest: Australia’s relationship with PV solar

The installation of rooftop solar in Australia has been remarkable in many ways. More than one in eight detached and semi-detached homes now have rooftop solar systems. No other country has reached this level of market penetration. But our systems are also on average the smallest. The rise of rooftop PV in Australia has been… Read more

A Bright Outlook – Business In Focus

Recently, Suntrix Director Jenny Paradiso was interviewed for this feature article in the December edition of ‘Business In Focus’ magazine. “We do not see ourselves as ‘just’ a solar company,” says Ms Paradiso.  “We do residential and commercial, and also wholesale, so we have an open market and fingers in lots of pies; we also… Read more

A Passion for Information – Jenny Paradiso in ReNew Magazine

Jenny Paradiso is an ATA business member. Green at heart, her solar installation business began after helping out family and friends with buying their solar systems, writes Beth Askham. SUNTRIX is a South Australian solar installation business started by Jenny Paradiso and her husband Dave Hille in 2009. It’s been growing rapidly ever since and… Read more

Solar no freeloader!

The Australian PV Institute has released a report today showing that, far from freeloading, households that install solar PV could be reducing electricity bills for other customers. Read more here.

Climate change as a line item

According to a new report by the environmental data company CDP, in 2013 at least 29 companies either based or operating in the United States factored a price on carbon into their long-term business planning. And in 2010, the Obama Administration released the government’s estimates for that same price, to be used as a factor… Read more

Australian Electricity Bills To Jump $200 A Year

According to a recent Herald Sun article, estimated combined annual gas and electricity annual bills would climb $80 to $130 for “dual-fuel” homes in Victoria from January 1 and all-electric houses face an average rise of $30 to $80. Businesses will also be impacted. Read more here.

All New AU Power Generation To Be Renewables

A report from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) states all new power generation in Australia up to 2020 is expected to be renewable energy based. The AEMO’s National Transmission Network Development Plan 2013 says much of the new electricity to 2020 will be wind (84%), followed by large-scale solar PV (13%), and biomass 3%…. Read more

U.S. Solar Market Insight

2013 Q3 is the second largest quarter in the history of the U.S. solar market and the largest quarter ever for residential PV installations. Even more importantly, 2013 is likely to be the first time in more than 15 years that the U.S. installs more solar capacity than world leader Germany. Read more here.

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