Decision by Australian Energy Regulator protects solar users against unfair costs

A decision by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) will protect solar users in South Australia against discriminatory charges proposed by SA Power Networks. Clean Energy Council Policy Manager Darren Gladman said the AER decision was welcome news for solar customers and businesses in South Australia. “If the SA Power Networks proposal was successful, it would… Read more

Nothing accidental about South Australia’s shift to clean energy

South Australia’s remarkable success in renewable energy over the last decade is no accident, the CEC’s Network Specialist Tom Butler has written in RenewEconomy, in response to claims from opponents that it is part of some giant experiment. Tom says the multi-billion dollar investment in wind and solar, the reduction in emissions from the power… Read more

The World Is Not Converting to Renewable Energy Fast Enough to Save It

The world is increasingly investing in renewable energy. Last year, according to UN figures, global investment in solar power, wind turbines and other renewable forms of energy was $266 billion…..But right now, the report says, renewable energy sources deliver just 10.3% of global electrical power. Neither the report’s authors nor anyone else thinks that is… Read more

An entire airport pays nothing for electricity thanks to solar power

Day by day, solar power is becoming a more viable source of energy for homes and businesses. If you need further proof of this, look no further than the Cochin International Airport in India that is now entirely powered by solar energy and pays nothing for electricity. The airport last year installed a solar power system… Read more

The Tesla Powerwall and what it means for Australia’s energy market

While the concept of a home battery storage system is not new to Australians, the Tesla Powerwall unit has been highly anticipated. The Powerwall is a 7 kilowatt hour (kWh) lithium-ion-battery system that stores electricity generated from rooftop solar panels (or PV panels) during the day so that electricity can be used at night during… Read more

Largest PV Systems for 2015

In a report just released by SunWiz into the largest PV Systems for 2015, we were delighted to see a Suntrix project, Cootamundra Oilseeds, appear in the top half of the table.  The visually impressive 468kW ground mount system is expected to produce around 2257kWh/day, saving an estimated 815 tonne of green house gas emissions each… Read more

Emissions continue to rise, but solar makes strong case in SA

Lagging investment in renewables and reduced hydro generation are contributing to Australia’s rising emissions, but rooftop solar was the star during last year’s heatwave in South Australia. According to pitt&sherry’s January 2016 Carbon Emissions Index (CEDEX), Australia’s overdependence on coal and the rise in electricity demand means rising electricity emissions will continue for at least… Read more

Renewable energy calculator launched for farmers

NSW Farmers have developed and launched an online calculator to help households and small farm businesses to test the financial viability of investing in solar PV and batteries. The online calculator was launched to coincide with Tesla’s announcement that Australia would be the first market to receive its PowerWall battery which, along with other battery… Read more

Global deal and local action set path for renewable energy future

The strong global agreement on climate change reached over night in Paris, combined with the report today that the Federal Government will restore a common sense approach to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), sends a strong signal that renewable energy will play a big role in Australia’s economic future. Clean Energy Council Chief Executive… Read more

Sunny future for solar power storage

Advances in battery technology are set to increase the sustainability and reliability of solar power in Australia. Solar power provides energy during daylight hours but when the sun goes down, power needs are met from the grid which gets most of its electricity from fossil fuels…Read more. Source: Emma Hannigan – SBS News

Australian-first safety guide and study show what’s in store for our energy future

The Clean Energy Council is launching an Australian-first home energy storage safety guide in collaboration with CSIRO, along with the most comprehensive national study of storage safety to date. Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton said while many people had been captivated by the future possibilities of solar and storage technology, very little information existed… Read more

South Australia lights the way on road to renewables

The South Australian Government announcement today that the state will produce zero net emissions by 2050 is a commitment that will drive positive change and unlock many economic opportunities over the next 35 years, the Clean Energy Council said. In  a media release from Clean Energy Council Media Release Chief Executive Kane Thornton said the… Read more

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