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Suntrix does more than just put panels on roofs. We deliver complete turn-key solar energy solutions, from concept to realisation, training, ongoing maintenance and beyond. Most importantly we offer expert advice, consultation and peace of mind.

We offer a diverse range of specialised solar solutions  and services including battery storage, maintenance  and monitoring  to ensure that your real estate is as energy efficient as possible.

Solar Solutions

Our bespoke solar solutions mean that you won’t get a standard ‘off the shelf’ solar system. We take into consideration your unique needs to package a solution that is as unique as your circumstances. Read More

Battery Storage

Adding battery storage to your solar system can reduce your electricity bills even further. A battery stores electricity produced by your solar system, so you can use the energy when you need it most – either at night, on cloudy days or during power blackouts. Read More


We understand that solar can be a significant outlay for any home or business. We will help you understand the costs associated with your system and which government incentives and grants can be applied to reduce your upfront costs. Read More

Maintenance & Panel Cleans

You have taken a great step by investing in solar energy for your home or business. It’s working hard every day to provide you with clean, green energy and reduce your electricity costs. Read More


Included free with every installation that uses a compatible inverter, is myWatt - our smart device and app that monitors your solar system so you can check it is working as hard as it should. Read More

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