Solar Solutions

Our solar energy solutions mean that you won’t get a standard ‘off the shelf’ solar system. We will take into consideration your unique needs to package a solution that is as unique as your circumstances and maximise your return on investment.

Roof-top solar installation at Grumpy's Brehaus

Roof-top Solar

For most homes and businesses, the space available on a property’s roof will easily accommodate a solar PV system of sufficient size to meet the owners’ needs... Read More

Ground-mounted solar installation

Ground-mounted Solar

Where roof-space and/or roof orientation are not optimal, a ground-mounted system may be the best solar solution for businesses that have land available. Read More

Floating Solar

Where physical space may be a limited resource and where water quality is a priority, a floating solar system might be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Read More

Commercial solar installation at Booran Road Reserve


Building Integrated PV Solar (BIPV) is where solar panels are installed and integrated as part of a building instead of as a later separate installation. Read More

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