Products & Services

Selecting a solar system for your home on price alone is never a wise decision.  As they say, “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!”

The quality and performance of system components can vary dramatically.  Selecting a cheaper system may save you a few hundred dollars upfront however the savings a quality solar system will produce over its life-time will be much more, plus less hassle.

We offer our customers a choice of high quality and reliable, recognised brands. Each of our stocked brands is personally selected based on its performance, value for money and ability to produce exceptional outputs. Basically, if we wouldn’t install it on our own home, it won’t go on yours.

Our customers and our reputation is paramount.  We do not and will not sell cheap or poor quality products, nor will we use inexperienced installers.  However we also realise everyone has a budget to stick to, so we work hard to provide a range of products – both ‘value for money’ and premium.


The whole package

At Suntrix  we believe in  not simply supplying our customers  with a roof top solar energy solution. Rather we partner with you for the life of your system to
ensure that your property is as energy efficient as possible and that your system is always working to it’s full potential.

Our solar energy solutions mean that you wont get a standard ‘off the shelf’ solar system. We will take into consideration your unique needs, including budget to package a solution that is as unique as the property you own.  Whether you are interested in storage and battery for your home, AC or DC solar systems, LED lighting or monitoring
your solar output we have the products and expertise to help.

More than just another solar energy company, Suntrix can assist you with all solar related products and services. From a traditional grid connect systems, off grid and battery storage options, AC & DC Systems, through to servicing and upgrading your existing systems. We also provide options to reduce your electricity consumption with complimentary products such as LED lighting and solar and energy monitoring options with myWatt