Battery Storage

What is a Battery Energy Storage System?

A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) stores electricity produced by your solar system, so you can use the energy when you need it most – either at night, on cloudy days or during power blackouts. With solar Feed-in Tariffs reducing and electricity prices increasing, battery storage can help. Rather than feeding your excess solar energy into the grid at a low rate (and then buying back electricity at night at a higher rate), batteries allow you to store the energy

that you produce and use it when you need. Whether a Battery Energy Storage System is right for your home or business depends on your individual circumstances and the extent to which you want to be independent of the grid.

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Is it time to buy?



If you want to protect your home or business against blackouts, invest in a BESS with back-up capability. How much back-up can be supplied will depend on your battery and its capacity.

Your existing Feed-in Tariff (FiT)

If your existing FiT is equal or greater to 44c/kWh, we would not recommend installing a battery system because you may lose your FiT and it is unlikely to improve your return on investment

Your energy usage

If your household’s energy consumption is highest during the early morning and evening and you get charged peak hour rates, then a battery system is definitely worth considering.


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