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It is expected that jobs in the renewable energy sector will continue to grow as both sides of politics get behind green power.


Around 24,000 people are now employed in renewable energy with that number expected to grow to 33,000 by 2030 according to Climate Institute projections.

Clean Energy Council policy director Russell Marsh says because both sides of parliament are committed, at this stage, to a 5 percent reduction in emissions below 2000 levels by 2030, employment in renewable energy will continue to grow.

Solar energy is by far the biggest employer in the clean energy sector, with more than 16,000 jobs spread across rural, regional and city areas.

Most of those jobs are in small-scale installations on the roofs of homeowners. There are 5000 accredited solar installers nationwide.

Jobs in renewable energy are predicted to grow by 67 percent, however, along with an average of 23 percent growth in electricity that is created through either oil or gas.

The Government is also investing $32 million in the Clean Energy and Other Skills program. The program is aimed at improving training for people in “electrocomms” (electrical communications) as well as facility managers, engineers and financial managers.

There is plenty of work for individuals who are passionate about renewables.

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