Renewable Energy Target Must Stay – Australian Solar Energy Society


The Australian solar industry has rejected continued calls from Origin Energy and other vested interests for the Renewable Energy Target to be dismantled.

“The Renewable Energy Target has been one of the greatest policy achievements of the last decade,” said John Grimes, the Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Energy Society.

“The Renewable Energy Target has been a huge success.  It has reduced Australia’s energy use and carbon pollution, driven down the cost of wholesale electricity, and unleashed more than $10 billion in investment in large-scale clean energy schemes alone.”

“More than 4 million Australians now have solar power or solar hot water as a direct result of the Renewable Energy Target.”

“The Renewable Energy Target works – that’s why it’s supported by all political parties, and opposed by companies laden with ageing fossil fuel assets.”

“Whilst some decry the success of the Renewable Energy Target, Australia’s solar industry celebrates the fact carbon pollution and energy use is declining, and the wholesale cost of electricity is falling.

“It’s about time big power companies like Origin Energy passed on the falling costs to Australians doing it tough with soaring electricity prices.”

Published by Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES)

Since 1954, the Society has worked as a not-for-profit national organisation dedicated to promoting the use of solar energy in Australia.  Our members include academics and researchers, the solar industry, and the general public.

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