SA Home Battery Subsidy Scheme

The SA Government has announced that the Home Battery Scheme subsidy levels and cap will be decreasing on Wednesday 15 April. 

SA battery Subsidy Scheme ReducingIf you purchase a battery before the 15th, you can still take advantage of the maximum subsidy — up to $6,000 for eligible customers.

Orders received after that date will be subject to the new subsidy – see table below.

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Current subsidyNew subsidy (effective April 15)
Energy concession holder$600 per kWh$400 per kWh
All other households$500 per kWh$300 per kWh
Max. subsidy per battery installation$6,000$4000

Your choice of battery

Suntrix is pleased to offer you a choice of quality brands – Sonnen, Alpha-ESS and Tesla Powerwall. When making your decision on the best battery for your home, there are several things you should take into consideration:

  • The size of your existing solar PV system –  is it adequate for your year-round storage needs or do you want to upgrade to a bigger system to ensure your battery is working the best it can in winter as well as summer?
  • How important is back-up functionality for you in the event of power black-outs?
  • Do you have an appropriate space for the battery to be installed?
Home battery brands - Sonnen, Tesla Powerwall and Alpha ESS






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