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Installing solar PV at rates per household around twice that of the Australian average, South Australia has reached nearly 29% renewables based on data from the AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator) and the NEW Review analytical tool.

Going from about zero to thirty percent renewables in less than 15 years is a remarkable achievement.

The chart below tracks the market share of each major electricity source in the state since 2005-06. The green bar illustrates the steady rise of wind, which now supplies a quarter of the state’s electricity. And in 2012-13 solar PV in light blue appears as a material player with 3.5 per cent share.

Source: NEM Review, AEMO (2012) and AEMO (2013)

Delving down from annual levels into five minute increments from a few days ago, the chart below illustrates just how much wind has been integrated into the SA system at individual points in time. It shows that wind has reached levels where it represents as much as 90 per cent of SA’s power demands.

Now this has led to points where total SA power generation exceeds total SA demand (the sum of all generating sources is greater than 100 per cent). This doesn’t mean power has disappeared or been spilled (although this can happen very rarely), rather during these periods power was exported to Victoria.

Gas has continued to play an important role in SA and its flexibility has been a good complement to wind. But coal generation tends to stay steady as inflexible baseload.


SA Generation by Fuel Type as % of SA Demand – 03/07/2013 to 06/07/2013

Note:  per cent of demand will at times be greater or lesser than 100 per cent as generation may be imported or exported to Victoria. Torrens Island is classified as natural gas/Fuel oil but was considered as Natural Gas for the purposes of this analysis as this is the predominant fuel used.

Source: AEMO data, analysis by Ketan Joshi of Infigen Energy.

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