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Lyndal Sterenberg, from Marculture, recently caught up with Jenny Paradiso, Managing Director, Suntrix.  We were interested to know if the company culture and marketing were integral to the business success. Suntrix went from a kitchen table start-up to $29m in 6 years, during a time when many solar companies have failed miserably…

Suntrix are a South Australian, family-owned solar business, established in 2008.  They now have 22 staff.

In 2009, Jenny defined the mission for Suntrix.  It included the business purpose and their approach to clients.

“At Suntrix we don’t talk dollars or profits, but a focus on the moral, ethical and environmental reasons for devoting one’s life to their trade. We have a vision of making solar possible for more South Australians while ensuring quality product and workmanship and excellent customer service”. Jenny Paradiso says.

The Suntrix aim is to educate and inform, not merely to sell; to provide clients with a clear understanding of how it works within their environment.

Integrating culture

Suntrix values drive their approach to customer service.

 It’s a huge focus.  It’s one of the reasons we survived in the beginning, and grew into what we’ve become.  The customer always come first.  When we enter our customer’s house, we wipe our feet, we’re courteous, and we are respectful. When we finish a job we seek feedback and always ensure quality” Says Jenny.

Suntrix received a call from an upset solar customer.  Their solar system had been left live and dangerous.  Even though Suntrix hadn’t installed the system, they were familiar with the product.  They sent someone around from their team to fix it.

“We wanted to look after her, even though she wasn’t actually a customer. She was so grateful that we went out of our way!  The company that had installed it had gone out of business – most likely because the quality of workmanship and service weren’t part of their values.” Says Jenny

In going the extra mile, Suntrix has to balance their customer centric approach, with the time and cost of delivering a solar system installation. It is a delicate balance to protect the business.

At Suntrix the business culture also drives recruitment. Recruitment is based on skills, qualifications, accreditation and experience.  They also recruit based on passion and cultural fit.

“I won’t hire someone that I know wont suit our business.  This has meant, at times, that we have had to scale back our sales, as we don’t have the people to install.  It’s the right thing to do though and protects our brand”. Says Jenny

Marketing is the interface between a company and their market. Company culture can be used to deliver customer service; supporting innovation, WOM marketing and ultimately the success of the business.

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