Solar in the clouds

Here is a new concept we came across a few days ago that we think is really neat. This is a great way for those of us who rent or live in apartments and cannot physically install panels and  systems on our own properties. There is now an option to purchase solar panels and generate a benefits both economic and environmental.

The concept is simple, customers purchase their solar panels online, which are in turn installed and maintained on a centralised solar farm. The electricity produced by the panels is exported to the grid and each quarter the panel owners will receive a cheque for the power their panels have been able to generate.  It’s like investing in the sun’s power.

The concept is similar to that of community based solar projects that are rising up all over Australia, like this one in Tathra NSW,  however most community based projects make use of the generated electricity for a community building or to off set electricity charges directly effecting them, which is a great option if you have the space.  The Cloud Solar company is based in the USA but we hope to see something similar popping up in Australia soon


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