Solar: Landlords vs Tenants – Who’s responsible and who benefits financially? – ABC 891 Mornings with Ian Henschke

Informative discussion on ABC 891 Mornings with Ian Henschke.

Should the State Government step in? There’s no correct or definitive answer – and this applies to public and private housing situations.

In some cases, there may be an agreement between the tenant and the landlord to pay for a solar system to be installed. In other cases, the financial benefits of solar generated power outweigh a slight rental increase. Either way, it adds value for both parties. However, currently neither the Government nor the energy retailers have any kind of model in place to encourage the uptake of solar for landlords and tenants. Some other countries have adopted varying models to help tenants who often miss out on the benefits of having solar.

Listen to the audio, including comments by Suntrix Managing Director, Jenny Paradiso (length 11:21).

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