TAKE ACTION! Time to stop the solar coaster

Excerpt from 100% Reneweable Energy:


Can you believe it?

Our Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet has just announced yet another cut to government support for the solar industry, bringing a scheduled reduction to the solar rebate forward six months, and once again plunging the solar industry into uncertainty.

Let Greg Combet know you’re not happy!

Our politicians just don’t seem to get it. The simple fact is solar is the only source of power that is getting cheaper the more we use it,and helping Australians put solar on their roof is one of the best ways to help them manage their energy bills.

Recently released data shows that solar is being taken up by low and middle income households. This is because they know it will help them reduce their cost of living.

The government has caved in to weeks of lobbying from energy generators and retailers like Origin who are deeply threatened by the ability of solar to create cleaner, cheaper power than the coal and gas alternative.

It threatens the jobs of thousands of people working in small businesses across the country. Chopping and changing policy is deeply unfair to those people trying to make a living helping Australians embrace a clean energy future.

Send a message to Greg Combet now and let him know you want a solar powered future, not just more expensive polluting coal and gas.

We’ll also copy in the Energy Minister and the Shadow Climate and Energy Ministers so all sides of politics know the importance of a thriving solar industry in Australia.

Thanks for sticking up for solar.

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