The 10 Dumb Myths of Solar Installers

Here is an article we can relate to.

Matthew Wright, an executive director of Zero Emissions Australia and technical director at Efficiency Matrix  seeks to dispel the 10 most common solar myths below in a recent article for Climate Spectator. We think this is a brilliantly written article that talks about topics we hear from our customers all the time.

The 10 Dumb Myths of Solar Installers:

1. The ‘solargedden’ is coming because there are all these dodgy installations out there from fly-by-nighters

2. You can’t install panels facing east and west

3. There must not be shading of the solar panels 

4. Panels should face west

5. You can’t put panels facing south

6. Chinese product is rubbish 

7. You shouldn’t put on more panel capacity than the output of your inverter (oversizing is bad)

8.The electricity network distributor won’t allow oversizing beyond their inverter size limit

9. Frames should be used to ensure panels are optimally tilted to the north 

10. You can’t split arrays on different inclinations


To read the full article, and find the answers to these myths, click HERE

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