Floating Solar

Are you keen on solar but short on space?

Where physical space may be a limited resource and where water quality is a priority, a floating solar system might be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Floating solar systems are an innovative, easy & reliable solar solution that can be installed on large expanses of water, such as reservoirs, wetlands, lakes and water treatment plants. The benefits of installing a floating solar system include:

  • A higher electricity yield as water has a natural cooling effect on the solar panels
  • Conserving valuable land
  • Less water evaporation
  • A reduction in algae growth and improvement in the quality of water

Whilst the technology is relatively new to the Australian market, the French designed Hydrelio© floating solar system has been generating clean and renewable power across the World. Here are just a couple of awesome examples of the Hydrelio© in action.

Kunde Winery, California

Sheeplands Farm, UK

Features of the Hydrelio© include:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Adaptable to any electrical configuration
  • Scalable from low to high power generation
  • No tools or heavy equipment needed
  • UV & corrosion proof
  • All materials can be recycled
  • Drinking water compliant
  • Tested to the highest standards

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