Why choose Suntrix?

Quality and Value for Money

We have designed and installed thousands of Solar Energy Systems for homes and businesses. We know that a rooftop solar system for your home needs to be affordable whilst not sacrificing quality.

Our bespoke approach to solar is one of the qualities that sets Suntrix apart and it’s why we don’t sell over the phone using just a satellite image of your property.

No pushy sales people
At Suntrix we don’t like pushy sales people and we know you don’t either.   We believe in giving information and advice so you can make an educated decision on the solar system to meet your needs and budget.  Our consultants will make you feel comfortable and answer all the questions you have.

After your initial enquiry we will make an appointment to meet with you and establish your existing energy use, what products and appliances are used most frequently in your home and then consider the current costs of your quarterly energy bills. We conduct a thorough site inspection to determine the suitability of your roof space, ensuring we take note of any shading that may impact your system’s output.  The information we gather is then given to one of our engineers who will design your system to match your needs. Finally, our in-house experienced and qualified installation team arrive and then you start your renewable energy journey!

CEC PV Retailer Code of Conduct
We are proud to be one of the founding signatories of the Clean Energy Council’s PV Retailer Code of Conduct. Through this initiative we have pledged to maintain the renewable energy industry’s best practices, installing only systems of outstanding quality and performance for our customers.