Are you interested in working for an award-winning solar company? 

Be part of a dynamic team making a positive difference to people’s lives through a better, cleaner energy future.  Suntrix employ a range of highly skilled and experienced staff in all areas of our business.

We have more than 30 employees across the country that share a passion for solar energy – why not join us? Find out more about us including our story, Purpose and Values; then get in touch if you are interested in working for Suntrix. We are currently looking to fill the following position/s:

  • PV Design Intern
  • Residential Solar Consultants, Adelaide
  • Solar Electrician, Victoria

What it is like working at Suntrix

Tracey Shipway -Services Manager, Suntrix“I have been at Suntrix for 5 years. One of the things I love about working here is that it feels like family; and I think that is because we have shared values. We genuinely care about our customers and want to do the right thing by them.” – Tracey Shipway, Services Manager

Katherine MacDonald - Solar Consultant, Suntrix“There is a great culture here. Every month a member of staff is recognized by their peers for doing something awesome. Some of the nominations are funny, others are serious – all of them demonstrate our support for each other. We love what we do.” – Katherine MacDonald, Sales Consultant

Joe Perry - Project Manager“Some of our larger commercial projects can be quite complex; with many stakeholders involved and expectations that need be managed. What I love about Suntrix is that when the going gets tough, we never give up. The team unites under pressure to overcome any challenges that pop up; because ultimately we want the client to walk away happy that we have done a good job.” – Joe Perry, Project Manager

Jenny Paradiso - Managing Director, SuntrixA strong, resilient business is one that challenges itself to continuously improve. We regularly review our processes and procedures and ask ourselves – can we do this smarter, more efficiently or giving a better result for our clients? This practice, along with our quarterly customer satisfaction surveys, keeps us focused on delivering a service that we can be proud of.” – Jenny Paradiso, Managing Director and Co-founder