Environmental Policy

Suntrix recognises the importance of protecting the environment for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and the community.  Our commitment is to deliver our projects in an environmentally responsible manner.

Specifically, we are committed to:

  • complying with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, codes of practice and contractual conditions
  • preventing the pollution of the environment by activities under our control
  • conducting business with suppliers and sub-contractors who also have a commitment to responsible environmental management
  • maintaining a framework for reviewing environmental objectives and targets through analysing the environmental risks at each new site
  • continually improving our environmental management performance by regular reviews and setting realistic environmental objectives and targets.

To achieve our Environmental Policy, we will plan and manage our activities in accordance with best practice principals.

Compliance with this Environmental Policy is mandatory for all employees and sub-contractors, and is a condition of employment and contract.  Through training and education, all employees and sub-contractors will be capable of meeting the objectives of this Policy.

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